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Mark Hunt v. UFC: Taking Down 1 Opponent at a Time

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

On the docket in this episode, you will hear from the legendary Mark Hunt, heavyweight MMA fighter, aka “The Super Samoan”. He joins the podcast in a 2-part interview.

In part I, you get to know the real Mark Hunt and his story of how he went from a street fight outside a bar in Auckland, New Zealand to battling his way to the top of his profession with some of the UFC, Pride, and K-1’s most memorable fights. Sometimes all you need is a little luck and good timing, which is how Mark’s career began in Auckland.

In part II, Tina Denning, Managing Director of the premier firm Denning Moores, currently represents Mark in his lawsuit against the UFC, Dana White, and Brock Lesnar stemming from the UFC 200 in July 2016 wherein Lesnar fought Mark while on a banned performance enhancing drug. He also hopes to shed more light on the prevalent doping problem within the profession and reduce its occurrences so that fights are fair and clean. This is a no-holds-bar, not to be missed interview!

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