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Ms. Moores has a strong business background with direct experience in structuring complex public and private transactions, negotiating multi-million dollar projects involving multiple jurisdictions, US and international entities, and multi-institutional venture capital/private investment areas.  She is the former managing partner of a mid-market merger and acquisition consulting and investment company in the United States.  


Through her consulting services, Ms. Moores evaluated hundreds of companies in a variety of industries, and funded numerous early stage and emerging companies.  She oversaw due diligence and compliance processes of her projects, provided business evaluations and handled contract negotiations.  Ms. Moores actively assisted her portfolio companies with the institutional funding process and liquidity events, including Initial Public Offerings, Reverse Mergers, and private mergers and acquisitions. 


Her legal practice extended to negotiating multi-country contracts, government and commercial policy research and opinion, international legislative efforts as well as international payment and employment matters.  Her advisory services also include research and guidance for charitable organizations and humanitarian missions.   

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