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Choosing Compromise Over Litigation

Construction Industry Leaders in San Diego Raise the Bar for Civility: Choosing Compromise Over Litigation

Paradigm Mechanical Corporation and B&B Mechanical Services, Inc. work together to resolve their legal issues out of Court

SAN DIEGO — (May 4, 2023) — Two Local HVAC companies ended up in a lawsuit after the hiring of a former key employee. Instead of entering a lengthy conflict Paradigm Mechanical and B&B Mechanical have reached an agreement that acknowledges important ethical norms for the industry. “We both take pride in our companies and the work we do and have respect for one another. Paradigm was concerned about certain conduct from a former Paradigm (now B&B) employee and once B&B was made aware of the issues, both parties decided it was better for us to work out a resolution without fighting it out in court,” says Melinda Dicharry, owner of Paradigm Mechanical Corporation.

The companies have chosen to move forward professionally, denouncing any business practice that involves improperly taking another company’s employees, clients or information. Such behavior causes damage to everyone involved, including the clients. According to Bill Dodd, owner of B & B, “The answer was clear. The best thing for our clients was for us to settle this quickly and as amicably as possible. When I realized the facts of what had happened, I wanted to do the right thing and do what I would want a professional colleague to do for me.”

Both business owners hope their decision to work matters out on their own will inspire others to follow their example. Dicharry says, “It doesn’t have to be punitive when a company or their employees make choices that negatively impact their competitors; you just have to be fair in looking for a resolution. The sooner the focus returns to doing what we do best and taking great care of our clients, the better for everyone involved. I look forward to moving forward and focusing on delivering solutions to our clients. At Paradigm, we solve problems for clients that other companies can’t or won’t. Moving on from this lawsuit is just one example of how we rise above. Also, I’d like to thank the team members and clients that stood by us during this challenging time for the business.”

The settlement saved both sides months of legal wrangling and potentially tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. Even more importantly it allowed both sides to maintain their mutual respect for one another and eliminate the distraction of long drawn out legal proceedings.

Paradigm Mechanical Corporation

From concept to completion, this woman-owned (SBA 8(a)-certified) industry leader in HVAC services has been leveraging its extensive team experience, technical skill and creativity to overcome their client’s challenges for more than a decade. Their competitive edge is their attention to detail and creative solutions, but excellent customer service has always been their true hallmark. Learn more at

Denning Moores, APC

Denning Moores, APC is a boutique law firm that brings decades of big firm experience to its core practice areas of business litigation, construction law, and plaintiff’s catastrophic injury. Their seasoned attorneys routinely counsel clients to minimize exposure and avoid litigation, but they zealously advocate for them when an informal resolution is not possible. Their legal team is well versed in all aspects of litigation and dispute resolution, including mediation, arbitration, bench and jury trials, and post-trial work. Integrity, trust and open dialogue are the hallmarks of the Denning Moores’ client experience.

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