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Of Counsel, Brian Cook, specialized in family law and practices in civil litigation.  He navigates the complicated and often emotional practices of each with focus and empathy. 

Having previously been designated as minor’s counsel, Mr. Cook is particularly sensitive to the needs of children in custody cases. His approach involves more than just an understanding of complex cases—he provides skill and expertise to cost effectively and efficiently bring a case to conclusion first through settlement, and if settlement is unachievable due to the circumstances of the case, through litigation.


Mr. Cook’s attention to the emotional needs of his clients enhances his attention to the legal details of a case. He assesses each case based on the facts presented, the client’s goals, the potential costs of the case and the likelihood of prevailing in court based on those factors.  He has a unique ability to see compromise where others see only conflict.  His goal is to have a calming presence in  law litigation because, as he puts it, “…clients’ emotions run high as a result of experiencing a very difficult circumstance, perhaps the most difficult and emotionally draining situation that they have ever encountered.” It’s no surprise that his clients would describe him as thorough, intelligent and compassionate.  

In his free time, Mr. Cook enjoys sports-related activities, reading, movie watching, traveling, and relaxing with friends and family.  Through the Village of Promise, he has also funded a foster child’s trip to the Amazon.



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