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We are excited to launch our podcast: ON THE DOCKET WITH DM!

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

We invite you to subscribe as we know you

will love the new show as much as we do!


On the Docket with DM is a weekly podcast that takes you inside the courtroom to hear about captivating cases and inside the creative legal minds of top lawyers.

You'll enjoy a front row seat in the Denning Moores audio classroom to learn about cases, causes, and areas of law that matter most to you.

From a no-holds-barred interview with their client and world champion MMA fighter Mark Hunt to a candid conversation with Chuck LaBella, former US Attorney, about the volatile San Onofre nuclear waste case, and to settling a $3M verdict in an excessive force case, On the Docket with DM delivers compelling content each week!

THIS WEEKS EPISODES We will be releasing 2 episodes per week for the next 5 weeks

Tue March 16th

We will take you inside the courtroom to hear from former US Attorney and federal prosecutor, Chuck LaBella, who is working on the high profile San Onofre nuclear waste case. He’s been on the frontlines of a very contentious and heavily litigated battle against a potential Chernobyl-level like nuclear waste crisis in San Onofre, California.

Fri March 19th Crime in the Era of Covid with Kerry Steigerwalt On the docket in this episode, DM attorney Aaron Steigerwalt talks to his father, Kerry Steigerwalt, partner at Sevens Legal, and Jay Monico, associate at Sevens Legal, to get you up to speed on the new criminal laws that you need to know about, the effect Covid-19 has had on the criminal justice system, and the increase in rape, domestic violence, DUI, and vandalism cases since the pandemic began.


Denning Moores, APC is a premier boutique law firm based in Del Mar, California that offers big firm experience with personalized service. DM’s attorneys,

who have had decades of hands-on legal experience, handle bench and jury trials, mediation, arbitration, motion practice, contract drafting and negotiation, and post-trial work. They specialize in the areas of business litigation, construction law, personal injury, and family law. Integrity, trust, open dialogue, and long- term client relationships is what DM is all about!

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